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Alain and Marc Pisan's home

It all started in Provence, France, in the late 1960's when our parents Jeanne and Joseph Pisan opened a patisserie in the Gulf of St-Tropez. Our family have been artisan bakers for more than a century. It was our parents' mission to craft their offerings based on recipes handed down to them from their ancestors, hence perpetuating the tradition of Provencal patisserie from generation to generation. We insist on keeping with our heritage by using many of the original recipes passed down to us.

confections and chocolate truck:chloe's

Overwrought with requests to deliver fresh pastries our parents purchased a delivery "truckette", which they deemed Chloé (following the whimsical French tradition of naming the family car).
When we moved to Wine Country, we decided to take a piece of family history with us. We shipped Chloé over from France and restored her as a reminder of the traditions that our parents began.

wine expert: Marc Pisan

Marc grew up in the kitchens of Provence. His father, Joseph, descended from a long line of bakers. With his mother, Jeanne, Joseph owned a patisserie and café in the city of St. Tropez.
The family business was seasonal, which gave Marc opportunities to winter in other regions of France. Marc gravitated to the Mediterranean climate of the French Riviera, where he became fascinated with the fine art of wine and food pairing, and worked as a sommelier for various restaurants.
He eventually decided to apply the sommelier skills honed on the French Riveria in the United States. He started in the trenches of wine retailing in the Midwest and relocated to California in 2003, where he became Director of Wine Education for Michel-Schlumberger Winery in the Dry Creek Valley. In 2004, He passed the Certified Wine Educators exam and the Advanced Certificate from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, and has completed the Diploma of Wine and Spirits from the same institution in 2014.

Alain Pisan: Chloe's Pastry ChefS

Alain was taught traditional French pastries by his father Joseph who descended form a long line of bakers. His father along with his mother Jean owned a patisserie & café ,located in the city of St. Tropez in the Provence region of France, where he nurtured his craft until 1988. The family business was seasonal which gave him the opportunity to work as a pastry chef at various winter resorts in the Haute Savoie region in cities such as Courchevel, Chambery and La Plagne. He worked as an executive pastry chef at one of the major ski resorts when France hosted the winter Olympics. He also had the opportunity to work as a pastry chef for some of the most exlusive dining establishments in Paris.
Alain is a French certified chocolatier, glacier (artisanal ice cream maker), patissier, and he continued to master his art by attending specialty pastry and chocolate classes from such reputable French institutions as Lenotre and Bellouet. He attained the prestigious appellation of CEPC (certified executive pastry chef) from the American Culinary Federation in 2000.

Renee Pisan: Chloe's French Cafe Chef

Renée always had a love for food which prompted her to attend the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts upon high school graduation. While attending the institute she worked for a café in the Pittsburgh area creating gourmet meals and European style pastries. As the café had a strong French influence, she quickly realized that her love for French cooking would be her area of focus. She fulfilled her degree requirements in Dallas, Texas, at La Madeleine French Bakery & Café and graduated with honors. The bonus was meeting her soon to be husband Alain. Not only did they work together, but traveled to the south of France to work with his parents at their café. This was an experience that has continued to influence her menu foundations to this day. Before moving to Wine Country, Renee and Alain owned and operated French Street Café for fifteen years, in her hometown, outside of Cleveland Ohio.